It’s not trivial... take the Trivia Quiz to keep your brain active

Trivia is a great way to keep your mind active and have fun doing it!
Just as you exercise your body by lifting weights, you can exercise your brain by doing mental exercises. Trivia is essentially cross-training for your  brain. 

By playing trivia, you will not only learn a bunch of random information you’ll probably never need, you’ll also get some serious mental benefits, including enhanced memory, improved cognition, and increased brain performance under pressure.

So cast your eyes away from the television and test your knowledge of pop culture, history and more. If you are competitive, challenge your friends, family or your neighbour over the fence.
Here is our online trivia with weekly quizzes.  
Take the 60’s television show challenge
The answers are multiple choice and once you submit, you will receive an email with the answers to check your scores.
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  Posted April 7, 2020 in Our blog