Unexpect the expected

Discover what it means to become a Churches of Christ volunteer

Diversity and inclusion

Imagine working in an environment where diversity is a way of life not a catch phrase. At Churches of Christ in Queensland you’ll be surrounded with people of different ages, gender, nationalities and religious beliefs. Not forgetting that sometimes there will be tattoos, piercings and different hairstyles.

When you volunteer with us it’s okay to:

  • Look different, because we value you for who you are
  • Have different beliefs, so long as you believe in helping others and can share our values
  • Be young or not so young. It’s passion that counts, not age, and
  • Be male or female – your gender doesn’t determine your potential.

Career aspirations

Imagine helping others while getting as much back as you give. Skills and experience for example, as well as training that could lead to paid employment. We know this is possible, as a number of our volunteers have moved into paid roles with us, while others have found great jobs with similar organisations. Better still, given the size and diversity of our offering, opportunities are plentiful.

We also understand you have dreams and goals so wherever possible we’ll help you achieve yours.

Every action counts

It’s not what we do as individuals that make a difference but what we do as a team that counts. Whether your role is behind the scenes or you’re a face-to-face carer it’s the sum of our efforts that helps those in need. Every contribution we make is a great contribution and helps make the lives easier of those who need it most.

As a volunteer, you’ll play a vital role in offering many of the things that make life more meaningful for those seeking our care. Comforting a resident, helping out with activities, keeping things organised or even a warm smile for a colleague leads to a better environment for us all.

You see, it doesn’t matter what role you play with us, you are part of something far bigger. You are part of a team that shares a passion for helping others. And no matter how much we may differ superficially, we all agree on what is important. So if you’re looking for meaning in your life, we’d love to talk to you about volunteering.

Especially for men

While we tend to the needs of both genders, our workforce is primarily female. There are many roles and clients who would benefit from a male influence. Whether it’s bus driving or handyman roles, admin support, serving as a role model for kids or finding a connection with the elderly, men can bring a refreshing point of view to the people we care for.

For the young

There are some things that young people just seem to do better than older people. Take computers for example. What seems simple to a teenager, like sending an email, can seem more complex than brain surgery to others.

So if you can help out with basic computer advice, do a bit of reading, a game of chess maybe, or play the piano (or maybe even a kazoo) we have a spot for you. What better way to get that music practice in, than by making someone’s day at the same time.

Whatever you are good at or have a passion for, we know a few people who’d love to experience that with you. And you never know, they might just teach you a thing or two about life, and the real world.

Variety and opportunities

With more than 4,000 employees and 750 volunteers across 300 services in more than 100 communities, we have a wide range of opportunities across Queensland, Victoria and Vanuatu. It’s this size, strength and diversity that give you the opportunity for development, training and variety in your role.

With us, you aren’t limited to what you can do. We can often tailor a volunteering role to suit your skills and interests. So if you are interested in making a difference, we’d love to meet you.

Learning and development

Imagine working with a team that was constantly challenged and provided with opportunities for continual growth. You see, we understand our people are vital to our success and the welfare of our clients so we aim to create an environment where team members can reach their potential.

Grow your career with ongoing training

We provide training that meets both legislative requirements and the needs of your role including:

  • Volunteer services orientation and site induction
  • Role and/or task specific training
  • Annual refresher training.


Rewards and benefits


We recognise the efforts of our people by providing discounts and rewards to all employees and volunteers through our Employee Benefits Program Key offers include discounted and value-added rates and services with benefits such as:

  • Bupa Health
  • Medibank Health
  • HCF Health
  • Financial Advisors Australia
  • SunSuper
  • Kmart Tyre & Auto
  • Motorama Mitsubishi Marooka
  • CTM Allure
  • Harvey Norman
  • Avis Car Hire
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • API Leisure & Lifestyle
  • Estee Lauder

Employee Assistance Program

Imagine being able to restore work/life balance - especially during difficult times. This is what our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to do. Itenables staff, volunteers and family members living in  their household to access services to help restore the balance balance in their lives.

We provide up to six hours of individual support for personal and work related issues. Our managers are also offered a confidential telephone advisory service if they are dealing with complex people issues. This is a free, completely confidential service.